Palms are the true emblem of the tropics. Without them, no tropical garden is complete.Palms are considered to be an essential garden element of the tropical and subtropical landscape. Most palms occur naturally in the wet tropics and subtropics around the world with a few occurring in temperate and semi-arid regions.
Given the correct climate most palms are quite easy to grow and once established require little maintenance. Most species originate from moderately to very wet regions and as such require a reasonable amount of water and the occasional application of fertiliser to look their best. Palms are extremely variable with tall, short and clumping species with many different leaf sizes and shapes available. Being so variable allows palms to be used in all tropical designs from the smallest courtyard to a large botanical garden.
Andrew Webb

Sealing Wax

Cyrtostachys renda (commonly known as the Sealing Wax or Lipstick Palm)