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How to Choose the Perfect Apartment, According To Your Personality Type
How to Choose the Perfect Apartment, According To Your Personality Type

How to Choose the Perfect Apartment, According To Your Personality Type

Which Type of Apartment is Perfect for You?

Ever wonder what type of north gaia ec apartment is perfect for you? The answer might be as simple as your personality. If you’re the type that likes to explore and try new things, then a trendy loft or industrial space would be right up your alley. But if you like to keep it simple and close to home, maybe an upscale condo is more your style!

For example, INFJs tend to like small spaces where they can shut the door and be alone. They enjoy places that are aesthetically pleasing, with unique little knickknacks that show their personality.

INFPs need a space of solitude where they won’t feel judged for who they are or what is on their walls. This type thrives in artistic communities full of people with similar tastes and ideas.

ESFJs thrive when surrounded by lots of activity; this picky apartment-hunter wants plenty to do close by! These introverts don’t mind having neighbors above them because it gives them something to talk about over dinner (with friends).

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ENFJs love open concept layouts with shared common areas, so everyone can hang out together whenever they please. These extroverts prefer a place where they can make memories with others, whether it’s over good food or board games night!

ESTPs love to be close to action and fun things going on around them. They need enough space for themselves as well as their friends, so that everyone feels comfortable when they come over.

ESFPs want an apartment that is vibrant and alive; this type loves places filled with music and activity happening all the time! If there isn’t anything specific going on nearby, at least there should be lots of options for late-night entertainment within walking distance.

INTPs tend to like urban apartments in cozy spaces without too many people living above or below them (elevators give these introverts anxiety). They need to be able to shut the door and focus on their work without interruption.

ENTPs are always looking for something exciting or new, which makes city living perfect for them! This type is happy in a space that’s well-decorated with clean lines and modern aesthetic. Their apartment should also have lots of room where they can concentrate when needed but still feel free to move around while working or brainstorming ideas out loud.